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Injury or overuse to a tendon, a wide band of tissue that connects bone to muscle, can result in an inflammation and pain throughout the surrounding area.

Chiropractor for TendonitisCommonly referred to as tennis elbow, runner’s knee, or pitcher’s shoulder, tendonitis is actually the result of a repetitive movement that strains a tendon. Quite a common injury, there are 4 million adults in the United States who are treated for tendonitis each year. As tendonitis chiropractors, we’ve also seen patients with injuries in the achilles tendon, wrist, ankle, and even fingers.

The pain can cause swelling, and can even result in a complete lack of mobility in the surrounding area or seizing in the joints. Don’t wait for the pain to become unbearable to visit a chiropractic clinic for your joint or muscle pain, and ensure that you’re receiving a comprehensive care schedule.

Unfortunately tendonitis can be recurring if not treated properly. Physical therapy and seeing a tendonitis chiropractor can ensure that you’re getting the full term of treatment — and not just stopping once the pain subsides.

How can a chiropractor for tendonitis help?

Your tendonitis chiropractor can address the root of the problem, and ensure that a thorough course of treatment is set in motion. Once a positive diagnosis of tendonitis is made, treatment can address the inflammation through splints, icing, or taping, after which point massage, physical therapy, and joint manipulation or adjustments can be implemented to the area.

Once the pain has resided, however, the healing process needs to continue. Scar tissue can form from a damaged tendon, so a chiropractor treating tendonitis will incorporate various techniques to fully heal the tendon and surrounding area.

Whether you’ve injured a tendon as an athlete, or were involved in an accident, our chiropractors for tendonitis are also auto injury specialists in Florida so that you can rest assured that your injury is properly diagnosed and that you’re leaving our offices with a complete wellness plan.


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