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Accurately measuring body composition is a crucial step toward assessing and treating a broad range of diseases and disorders. While the bathroom scale is a good starting point, today’s technology allows us to take an in-depth investigative look into a patient’s full body composition.

The GE Lunar iDXA diagnostic tool employs dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (iDXA) to peer beyond traditional BMI measurements and precisely measure body fat distribution, a critical factor in a variety of health disorders.

The Benefits of GE Lunar iDXA Body Composition

Clinical obesity strongly factors into a host of life-threatening health problems with studies showing that the distribution of excess body fat is a key indicator of a patient’s risk factors for certain diseases.

In addition to clinical obesity, iDXA body composition testing can provide insight into several conditions affecting overall health. Some of these include: cystic fibrosis, wasting syndrome (caused by HIV/Aids), chronic renal failure and anorexia nervosa.

iDXA exams can provide health care professionals with insight into these conditions and others by looking at factors such as bone density, lean tissue mass, and fat tissue mass.

It is a highly effective tool for health care providers to determine the effects and impact of therapy, diet, and exercise on your overall health. It is an essential tool in the multidisciplinary healthcare approach.

In particular, iDXA uses bone density analysis to track the relationship between fat and lean muscle tissue, as changes in weight alone cannot always tell the full story. With this tool, patients with eating disorders can glean a full understanding of how their body is responding to treatment and potentially stave off complications such as osteoporosis.

Athletes. Athletes can benefit from iDXA analysis to help track body fat distribution over time, a key factor in maintaining an optimal training program. Bathroom scales and BMI tables cannot accurately tell the difference between muscle and fat, and monitoring actual body fat composition over time can help an athlete reach peak performance.

iDXA has a broad range of applications for both monitoring chronic illnesses and helping healthy individuals reach their optimal body fat percentages. This cutting-edge technology gives health care professionals a level of insight not previously available and opens the door to new ways of monitoring the effectiveness of treatment therapies.

Be aware that just keeping track of weight and BMI may not be enough to show the benefits of healthy choices. Body composition analysis with GE Healthcare’s dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (iDXA) is a quick and convenient way to see how improving diet, exercise, and lifestyle can change your body. With accurate and precise fat, lean, and bone measurements of each body segment, a GE iDXA body composition analysis can help you achieve your goals by reporting tangible results.



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