Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment Clinic

Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment Clinic

An approximate 75-85% of all Americans experience back pain at least once in their lives. Due to that, back pain is also the most common reason that people miss work, and is a leading cause of disability worldwide.

Ranging in severity, back pain can be relatively short-term, long-term, or recurring throughout one’s life. As back pain chiropractors, our job is to limit the severity of your back pain, or, ideally, eliminate it completely — without surgery.

In a recent study that monitored 222 patients throughout their chiropractic treatments revealed a 4X improvement in motor function after an average of 5 visits. Back pain chiropractic treatment can eliminate reliance on prescription pain killers that only treat the symptoms, not the cause, of your back pain.

What are the causes of lower back pain?

  • Muscle Tension: Sometimes back pain is due to improper posture, strain, or stress that causes your muscles to seize.
  • Herniated Disc: Also called a slipped disc, this can be due to an accident or incident that put extensive strain on your vertebrae and caused a pinched nerve or bone spurs.
  • Spinal Stenosis: This narrowing of the spinal canal can cause numbness and pain because of the compression on the nerves and spinal cord
  • Osteoarthritis: Joint pain due to deteriorated cartilage in the vertebrae can be managed through adjustments, physical therapy, and an overall wellness plan
  • Sciatica: Seeking out a chiropractor for sciatica can address the root cause of upper leg or lower back pain.

How we diagnose and treat your back pain:

As a back pain clinic, we’re not in the business of treating your symptoms, but of diagnosing and relieving the root cause of your back pain. Our process includes a consultation to determine the type of pain, where it originates, and whether it worsens or lessens with pressure or movement such as walking.

We’ll discuss your blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and reflexes, as well as conduct neurological tests to assess muscle tone and strength and neurological integrity. From there, we can determine whether scans (such as an X-Ray, CT, or MRI) are needed to rule out fractures or diagnose a spinal malfunction.

Based on the cause of your back pain, we can employ a number of chiropractic alignments or physical therapy treatments in order to address and treat your issue.

Spine and back health is important not only in the older population, but in order to promote a healthy neurological system as part of a complete wellness plan. Just like nutrition and exercise are important to maintaining your body, chiropractic adjustments can aid in a better overall well being.


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