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Massage Yoga Reiki Chiropractic in Ocoee FL


Massage and chiropractic care go hand in hand when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation. Whether you’ve been in an accident or are suffering from a recurring injury, scar tissue or tension can build up in your soft tissue and cause you pain. A chiropractor practicing massage therapy can ensure that your soft tissue is loosened, while your joints and bone structure are still supported.

The integrated chiropractic care ensures that you leave our clinic feeling infinitely better than when you walked through the doors.


When you’ve injured a muscle, or are experiencing pain from any number of the soft tissues that your body supports, understanding proper stretching techniques that you can do at home means that your healing process continues when you leave our clinic. Our chiropractic services include teaching and practicing yoga moves for the utmost in healing.

These stretches and poses aim to help you both stretch out your muscles and to consciously think about the way that your body interacts. Yoga is a connection of body and soul, and by combining yoga and chiropractic you get a better understanding of how your muscles, joints, tendons, and bones are all connected.


When many of our patients come to us with an injury, they’re stressed and in need of intense relaxation. The process of reiki instills complete calm and relaxation in the patient through the process of placing hands and transferring ki (energy) from the practitioner to the patient.

Through light touch, our chiropractors administer reiki before or after a spinal manipulation session in order to put our patient’s mind and body at rest and to stimulate the healing process.


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