MedX Medical Spinal Rehab System

MedX Medical Spinal Rehab System in Ocoee FL

MedX has created a line of revolutionary fitness and rehabilitation machines designed to push the boundaries of human strength, range of motion and endurance. Taking advantage of state of the art engineering and proven technologies, MedX offers the Medical Core Spinal Rehab System to help build up the body’s core for total-body strength.

The unique medically-driven system improves four key factors vital to overall spinal health: strength, stability, flexibility and endurance. The system will help you by way of five specially-designed machines that isolate and strengthen the crucial areas of lower back, torso and neck muscles.

How The MedX Medical Spinal Rehab System Benefits You

Having a strong core is one of the keys to spinal health, as properly developed muscles in the area will not only better support you but help prevent recurring spinal stresses.

The MedX system helps you train and rehabilitate your core muscle group with the aid of the following exercise machines:

Four-Way Neck. Improve your range of motion through the specially-designed four-way neck machine. This precise mechanism stretches the cervical spinal muscles and trains the flexion muscles while helping to increase strength to provide added flexibility for your neck.

Ab Isolator. The patented design of this machine offers an unparalleled level of isolation and training for abdominal muscle groups. It differs from most ab machines in that it neutralizes hip flexor muscles that restrict arching in the base of the spine to eliminate the dangers of damage to the lower back.

Lumbar Strength. Featuring a unique pelvic restraint system that prevents hamstring and gluteus muscles from interfering with the exercise, the lumbar machine offers an intense strengthening of the lumbar spine muscles to improve your overall stability.

Super Stretch. Enhance your core flexibility with the super stretch system, providing a patented seven-stretch routine that helps to improve knee, spine, hip, elbow, shoulder and wrist movement in addition to promoting hamstring flexibility. As well, you can improve spinal decompression with the hanging stretch, placing you in the optimal position for active stretching.

Torso Rotation. This patented restraint system helps to isolate your torso muscles by neutralizing your shoulder, chest and arm muscle groups. A series of padded restraints will help to increase strength and flexibility at the body’s core by preventing hip and gluteus muscles from assisting in torso rotation.

Experience the significant benefits the MedX Medical Spinal Rehab System can bring you, giving you improved overall flexibility, strength, and support that helps to support your spine and reduce the risk of injury to your lower back.

The dynamic, easy to use and medically-inspired system is the ideal solution to long-lasting spinal health. Whatever your ultimate strengthening and flexibility goals, the MedX Core system will help you to reach them.

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