Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines Headaches

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A headache is something that pretty much everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. The severity, however, varies greatly. Some people experience headaches on a near frequent basis that are annoying, but don’t prevent them from going about their everyday life.

Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines HeadachesSome people, however, experience completely debilitating migraines that force them into a pitch black room blocked away from all sound so that they can (hopefully) sleep it off.

There are 100 million headache suffers in the United States alone, and 16% of the total population suffers from migraines. Aside from reactive medicines established for sufferers to take when they begin experiencing a headache, the only effective and proactive method is chiropractic treatment for migraines.

What causes headaches?

Headache triggers can be food, stress, tension, or even behaviors such as lack of sleep or insomnia, but the most common cause of primary headaches (headaches not caused by disease) is directly related to muscle tension in the neck.

More often than not this muscle tension is caused from sitting at a desk or in the same position for an extended period of time.

How can chiropractic for headaches help?

Since the core root of a headache is the misalignment or chemical interruption in your system, factors addressed through chiropractic treatment for migraines focus on relieving the stress or tension in your body. Headaches chiropractors can do this through spinal adjustments, exercises to correct your posture, and creating a complete wellness and nutrition plan that includes food that won’t trigger headaches.

If your headache is figurative, and the pain is actually in your feet, we are also plantar fasciitis chiropractors as your complete wellness practitioners.


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