Normatec Recovery System

For athletes, coaches, and trainers pulse recovery systems from NormaTec Recovery offer a low-stress alternative for quick, comprehensive, and safe recovery. Whether you’re focusing on running, weight lifting, or sports training this system promotes easy muscle tissue rejuvenation for less downtime, greater productivity, and limited soreness or tightness.

Supported by professional football, basketball, and hockey teams, we support the use of NormaTec systems as an integral part of every athlete’s training.

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How it works

Cycles of pulsing, holding, and release enhances blood flow and speeds the recovery time required after an intense workout.

  1. After attaching, a pre-flow system inflates to mold itself to your body
  2. A compression phase will begin, cycling upwards throughout the body quadrants — this is different than static compression squeezing, but instead uses a pulsing action to mimic the way your muscle works
  3. While moving to the next quadrant, the first will compress in a holding pattern

Similar to the kneading and stroking of a massage, pressure is applied in a meticulous pattern to ensure optimal circulation throughout your fatigued muscles.

The NormaTec system has three different attachments to be used individually or together for a whole body recovery. The leg, hip, and arm attachments focus on specific muscle groups to ensure the best recovery from whatever your training threw at you that day.

For pro or college teams, as well as individuals, NormaTec recovery is a fantastic option to ensure that the recovery period is quicker, and everyone is performing better. When considered as part of a physical therapy program, NormaTec recovery systems can work with rocktape wraps to ensure that blood flow to injuries is uninhibited.




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