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When you rely on your body to win the game, getting back into it after an injury requires a passionate and committed team of specialists at your side. At Quantumcare Sports & Injury in Ocoee our team of doctors have been passionate athletes themselves, so we know what you need to get back out there.

By diagnosing your injury, we can ensure that you’re receiving extensive treatment that doesn’t just aim at treating pain and getting you back on the field — but on addressing the core problem and ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.

Our goal when you come in with a sprain, strain, shin splints, knee injury, or whatever you rolled off the field with, is to make sure that you recover from your injuries as fast as possible. By taking advantage of a number of different technologies such as the Graston Technique, RockTape, NormaTec, or K-Laser Therapy, we can ensure that your injury is being addressed in the best possible way to ensure that your muscles, soft tissue, and spine return to optimal health.

Throughout the treatment process, strengthening and flexibility exercises will be administered to can ensure that your whole body is operating at peak performance, while your injury and pain is reduced so that you can begin reconditioning therapy.

Don’t wait for an injury

Athlete’s can put incredible strain on their bodies, but undergoing the proper conditioning and prevention methods reduces the effect of injuries. Sport-specific injury programs are available to not only address any current injuries, but to continue training your muscles, body, and mind in injury prevention.

By training your body to adapt appropriately to the requirements of your sport, you can learn how to position yourself to reduce your susceptibility to injuries and avoid recurring injuries. Having a clear understanding of your body’s capabilities and limits ensures that you’re training in the safest way possible to ensure that you’re not sitting on the sidelines with an injury.Sports Injury Rehabilitation Treatment


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